Andrew Mulcare

Andrew MulcareAndrew Mulcare (NARRATOR) is a professional actor, director, writer, and teacher of acting. He has worked extensively in theatre, film, and television. Andrew holds an MFA from  University of South Carolina. In 2001 he was awarded a Fulbright grant to lecture in Russia on American theatre and film, and became the founding artistic director of the English Language Theatre of Orenburg.



Calming the Emotional Storm

Calming the Emotional Storm is your guide to coping with difficult emotions calmly and responsibly by using powerful skills from dialectical behavior therapy. This method combines cognitive behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices to change the way you respond to stressful situations. By practicing these skills, you can stop needless emotional suffering and develop the inner resilience that will help you weather any emotional storm.

The Woman’s Guide to How Men Think

This audio book offers a practical, humorous, yet compassionate guide for women who want to learn the secrets of the elusive male mind. You’ll come to understand why men think and see the world the way they do, and how to work with men to cultivate understanding and communication in relationships, without expecting men to be creatures that they are not. This isn’t a male-bashing book about how men should be more like women, but a book about how men actually are, and how women can use this understanding to get what they need from their relationships.

Living with Your Heart Wide Open

The way we talk to ourselves is often unkind and filled with self-judgments. These overly harsh self-criticisms can make us feel unworthy and incomplete. What if what you really need is not higher standards for yourself, but greater self-compassion? In Living with Your Heart Wide Open, you’ll discover how mindfulness and self-compassion can free you from the thoughts and beliefs that create feelings of inadequacy and learn to open your heart to the loving-kindness within you and in the world around you.

The Diet Trap

Have you tried every diet or weight loss plan under the sun, but still can’t manage to lose weight and keep it off? You aren’t alone. Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on weight-loss products, yet we continue to have the highest obesity rate in the world. After trying and failing countless times, you have to begin to wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”

The Power of Focusing

Focusing is a gentle yet powerful skill that lets you tap into your body’s wisdom and make positive changes in your life. The Power of Focusing shows readers how they can train themselves to learn this vital technique of self-exploration and self-discovery.

Turning Upsets into Positive Energy

In this compelling new audiobook, John Mace describes the revolutionary Mace Energy Method, a powerful tool for emotional healing. Based on years of research and study, this simple but extraordinarily effective therapy will help you to locate and dis-create unknowingly created negative identities that prevent you from attaining your goals.


The battle of Antietam was the first major battle in the American Civil War to take place on Union soil, it was and remains, the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, claiming a staggering 23,000 casualties.

Nicht Ausreichend Erleuchtet: Dialoge mit Steven Harrison

Sind wir mit unserer Spriitualität an einen Punkt gekommen, wo uns eine innere Stimme fortwährend belehrt, wie es richtig sei? Sind wir ohne Unterbruch danach bestrebt, uns selber zu verbessern und eine Freiheit zu erlangen, von der wir uns vorstellen, sie warte dort auf uns, wo wir den verbesserten Zustand erreicht haben werden.

MANifesting Mr. Right

This audiobook will dramatically change the way you approach dating to ensure your efforts are effective. Learn simple strategies to renew your hope, turn on your feminine charm, and find the love you deserve.

Beyond Consciousness

Those who are familiar with Steven Harrison’s books, as well as anyone open to the spirit of inquiry, will appreciate these explorations of living without reliance on beliefs.

The Moment of Discovery

This audio consists of three live recordings of fascinating discussions about many topics, including relationships, spirituality, vocation, and social change.

RealTime Speaking

RealTime Speaking (RTS) is a profound and uniquely powerful way of public speaking and an authentic means of self-expression based on authenticity, vulnerability, and connection.

Terrorism on American Soil

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon in the United States. This book chronicles 37 such assaults on American soil from the end of the Civil War to the present day. Not only are the most infamous attacks discussed; events that are obscure and relatively unknown—but fascinating nonetheless—are detailed as well.

They Can’t Find Anything Wrong!

Diagnostic tests are unable to find the cause of symptoms in at least half of all medical patients, most of whom are ill because of hidden stresses. Dr. Clarke describes the major types of stress and explains steps for treatment with a range of effective techniques.

The Power of Authentic Self-Expression

In a telephone interview, Robert Rabbin discusses the power of authentic self-expression. (Free Audio.)

Igniting Your Soul at Work

How do we fill the world with contemporary sages and kick-ass saints? This isn’t your ordinary type of leadership book. Robert leads us in another direction, where we can expand our worldview to allow greater understanding, wisdom, and effectiveness to reveal itself.

Radical Wisdom

Where is our authentic self and life? What is it? How do we become fully awake and alive in our own life, feeling the passion, pull, and power of our own extraordinary existence?

Doctors on the Edge

Doctors on the Edge is the account of doctors who are faced with wrenching moral dilemmas. Each chapter is a true account of physicians who lied, betrayed confidences, or broke the law to bring about what they believed was best for their patients.

Not Enlightened Enough: Dialogs in Germany with Steven Harrison

We’re not spiritual enough. We’re not enlightened enough. Has our spirituality left us with an inner voice of constant correction? Are we striving relentlessly for self-improvement and the freedom we imagine awaits us in that improved state?

One Less Bitter Actor

Nothing is more frustrating than talent unrealized, and every actor struggles with bitterness when they aren’t working to their full potential. One Less Bitter Actor offers sage, pragmatic, anxiety-calming advice on how to succeed in acting from one who has.

An Actor’s Business

This audiobook covers everything you need to know to market yourself as an actor, with information about the movie-making process, drama school, community theatre, acting on television and in commercials, unions, and agents.

The Resilient Woman

This is a powerful must read resource for women to understand the process of resiliency and their resilient style in facing stressful challenges.

Overcoming Perfectionism

In this audiobook, readers will learn how to identify and confront the root cause of their problem, how to reveal and accept their essence, and finally, they will learn the importance of forgiveness and letting go.

Reminiscences of Ulysses S. Grant

These are personal reminiscences of Ulysses S. Grant which allow us to peer back in time to see him through the eyes of those who knew him. Some of the anecdotes describe brief encounters with Grant, while others are are from historically prominent men who knew Grant well. What they have in common are the intimate details that reveal the personality and character of General Grant.

With Grant at Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg

Wilber F. Crummer was an acquaintance and neighbor of Ulysses S. Grant in Galena, Illinois. When civil war broke out, he became “one of the Boys in Blue” who followed General Grant in the Battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg.

The Last Days of General Grant

This is a poignant and intimate account of General Ulysses S. Grant’s last days, written by Adam Badeau.

The Heart of a Soldier

These are the passionate and poignant letters from General George E. Pickett, C.S.A. written to his wife, Sally. These letters reveal intimate details of Pickett’s personal life, as well as his incredible accounts of Civil War battles and personalities. A must-listen for any Civil War buff!

Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army

William G. Stevenson was a Kentuckian, loyal to the Union, who endured 13 months of enforced service in the Confederate army.

The Battle of Shiloh

At daybreak on April 6, 1862, Confederate forces launched a bold suprise attack on the Union army, encamped in southwestern Tennesse. These are detailed and moving first-hand accounts, from generals to privates, about their experiences participating in this dramatic and historically significant battle.

Reminiscences of a Rebel

We have no time machine with which to visit the America of 1861, but Captain Dunaway’s narrative shines a light back through the mists of time to show what we were like as a people.

Surrender at Appomattox

These are detailed and moving first-hand accounts from seven historically prominent witnesses to Robert E. Lee’s surrender of the Army of Nothern Virginia at Appomattox.

The Inspired Heart

This is the extraordinary story of an artist’s daring exploration into the source of his creativity. In the late 1970s, Jerry Wennstrom was a rising star in the New York art world when he decided that the ultimate creative leap was to destroy his large body of art, give away all of his possessions, and spend the next 10 years wandering, seeking, listening, and trusting God to take care of him.

Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff

A frequent guest on A&E’s Hoarders show, Dorothy Breininger learned to face her own clutter, and lost seventy-five pounds in the process. In this one-of-a-kind audiobook, she examines what lies underneath our clutter—metaphorically, physically, and emotionally.

Life After Divorce

This audiobook shows you how to care for yourself through the crisis stage of divorce, welcome new feelings and turn an angry ex into a future friend.

The Globalist Papers

The Globalist Papers shows the need now for unity among the nations of the world much the same way the Federalist Papers showed the need in the 1700’s for unity among the states of America.

Seeds for the Soul

Combining eastern philosophy and western psychology, Chuck Hillig points the way to true happiness for those who have struggled to find peace of mind. Whether his profound words act as a gentle reminder or loud alarm clock, they will lovingly direct you to the only person who holds your truth: YOU!

Paradigm Shift

Samuel Avery takes us on a brief journey through the 100 year history of quantum physics and the 3,000 year history of Buddhist meditation to show us that the discoveries of the Buddha and physicist Max Planck were one and the same.

The Change Your Life Book

Making dramatic life changes can be difficult. The true secret to life-long transformation is to take baby steps; small, subtle changes will yield profound and lasting results when added together.

A Change of Heart

These guided meditations and visualizations are meant to provide a sense of support and inspiration in times of change and an overall sense of comfort and well being.

Sweet Surrender

Life may be difficult at times, but when we surrender our ego to the divine, all kinds of wonderful things can happen.