Robert Rabbin

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RealTime Speaking: YOU Are the Message!

RealTime Speaking (RTS) is a profound and uniquely powerful way of public speaking and an authentic means of self-expression based on authenticity, vulnerability, and connection.

RTS radically improves your ability to speak and spread your message in a compelling and believable manner—whether you are a leader, manager, professional, entrepreneur, teacher, or student. RTS will help you make an impact in all speaking situations—whether a conference keynote, high-stakes business meeting, sales presentation, or intimate one-on-one conversation.

Learn easy-to-use techniques to help you use your words, tone, gestures, and spirit to reveal—rather than conceal—your self, your message, and your purpose.

RTS is not just for public speakers! Anyone who wants to improve communication skills will benefit from these powerful techniques to tap into your own authentic self-expression.

What’s in it for you to speak this way? Everything! RealTime Speaking energizes your whole life, like floodlights screaming into all the dark rooms of your vast house, lighting them up as if on fire. From profound self-knowledge, to intimacy with another, to personal credibility, to leadership believability, to professional impeccability — it’s all there. It’s all in your speaking, in your living out loud.
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RealTime Speaking
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Robert RabbinRobert Rabbin (AUTHOR) is a groundbreaking public speaker, author, executive coach, and self-awareness teacher. Distilling 40 years of study, practice, and realization, Robert offers a way of speaking based on authenticity, a way of being based on transparency, and a way of living based on vulnerability and connection with self and others. He is a free-style sage: spontaneous, compassionate, unrestrained, profound and audacious. His unbridled joy for life and commitment to inner freedom are wonderfully contagious.



Markus FlanaganMarkus Flanagan (NARRATOR) has never needed to hold a day job throughout his 20-year acting career. Right out of acting school he starred in Biloxi Blues alongside Matthew Broderick. His first TV pilot audition landed him a series with George Clooney. So far he’s starred in 3 prime-time series, made 50 guest TV show appearances, and acted in 10 feature films, 5 stage plays and 5 movies of the week. He lives and teaches acting in Los Angeles.





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