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Turning Upsets Into Positive Energy: The Cause of Emotional Problems Uncovered

In this compelling new audiobook, John Mace describes the revolutionary Mace Energy Method, a powerful tool for emotional healing. Based on years of research and study, this simple but extraordinarily effective therapy will help you to locate and dis-create unknowingly created negative identities that prevent you from attaining your goals.

Turning Upsets Into Positive Energy presents listeners with an understanding of the mind that will leave even the most skeptical with the feeling that something has been explained to them that they ought to have known!

Used by trained practitioners around the world, the Mace Method is a powerful tool for emotional healing that is having remarkable effects on peoples lives. In a total departure from conventional counseling, it does not involve any self disclosure and requires only one or two therapy sessions, which can even be carried out over the telephone.

Turning Upsets Into Positive Energy presents a comprehensive overview of the philosophy and approach of the Mace Energy Method.

Turning Upsets into Positive Energy
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John MaceJohn Mace (AUTHOR) began his working life as a mariner. He is an extraordinary man with an awesome intellect.  In this book he explains in simple terms the scientific and philosophical concepts that underpin his work and research of 50 years into human potential, The Mace Energy Method. It will take readers on a journey of discovery as they follow these concepts through to their logical, and fascinating, conclusions.

He is Principal of a successful training academy in Perth, West Australia, where he also works as a Mace Method practitioner.
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Andrew MulcareAndrew Mulcare (NARRATOR) is a professional actor, director, writer, and teacher of acting. He has worked extensively in theatre, film, and television. Andrew holds an MFA from  University of South Carolina. In 2001 he was awarded a Fulbright grant to lecture in Russia on American theatre and film, and became the founding artistic director of the English Language Theatre of Orenburg.





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