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The Battle of Shiloh: 
Personal Recollections from Generals to Privates 

At daybreak on April 6, 1862, Confederate forces launched a bold suprise attack on the Union army, encamped in southwestern Tennesse. The battle of Shiloh, also known as the battle of Pittsburg Landing, would prove to be the bloodiest battle up until that point in United Staes history. The two day battle would cost a staggering 23,000 casualties. Both sides were stunned at the appalling loss of life. At the time, neither realized that three more years of such bloodshed were still to come.

These are detailed and moving first-hand accounts, from generals to privates, about their experiences participating in this dramatic and historically significant battle.

Brilliantly narrated in northern and southern accents by a professional actor and gifted voice talent, this unique audiobook vividly brings to life the words and heartfelt sentiments of those who wrote these riveting accounts.

Includes accounts from:

William T. Sherman
P.G.T. Beauregard
Ulysses S. Grant
William Preston Johnston
Lew Wallace
Warren Onley
Thomas Jordan
Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss
Wilber F. Crummer

The Battle of Shiloht
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Andrew MulcareAndrew Mulcare (NARRATOR) is a professional actor, director, writer, and teacher of acting. He has worked extensively in theatre, film, and television. Andrew holds an MFA from  University of South Carolina. In 2001 he was awarded a Fulbright grant to lecture in Russia on American theatre and film, and became the founding artistic director of the English Language Theatre of Orenburg.