Steven Harrison with Martin Frischknecht

3.5 hours

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A Conversation with Steven Harrison: Paradox, Illusion and the Post-Spiritual Inquiry

In 2007, over the course of several days, Steven Harrison and Martin Frischknecht engaged in a lively conversation exploring a wide variety of subjects, including:

• the chaos of the unknown
• the paradox of the actual and conceptual
• the movement of creative energy
• the toxicity of the spiritual marketplace
• the dynamics of dialog groups

Many far-reaching questions were raised and explored, including:

• Can we step out of the security of what is already known to us to discover something that is more vital and alive?
• How do we move beyond self-created boundaries?
• Can we really address the problems in our lives by separating from our lives in retreats and workshops?
• Why are we all hiding from each other? What is it that would happen if we actually showed up as we were? Can we reveal our true intentions and who we really are to others?
• Why is the idea that “I create the world” so popular? Is it true?
• Is our spiritual insight also a burden?
• How can we open to what is next?

This recording is an excellent introduction to Steven Harrison, but will also be of great interest to anyone already familiar with his books and dialog groups.Listen to an excerpt

Steven Harrison is an international speaker on the topics of consciousness, human development, relationship and alternative education. He is the author of Doing NothingThe Happy Child and What’s Next After Now? Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life among other books.


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