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All Titles

A Change of Heart

These guided meditations and visualizations are meant to provide a sense of support and inspiration in times of change and an overall sense of comfort and well being.

A Conversation with Steven Harrison

Steven Harrison and Martin Frischknecht engage in a lively conversation exploring a variety of subjects, including: The chaos of the unknown; The paradox of the actual and conceptual; The movement of creative energy and much more.

A Sense of the Cosmos

Western science has operated for centuries on the assumption that we can understand the universe without understanding ourselves. We are just now seeking to make the necessary connection between the general laws of nature to those of our own (inner) nature. But the job won’t be done with “massive injections of the new consciousness;” we cannot democratize the sacred by cheapening its demands.

A Wing and a Prayer

The winds of uncertainty are always blowing through the world. If we want to experience peace, we must ourselves become more peaceful. To quote Gandhi, “To change the world, we must first be the change we wish to see.”

American Maelstrom

American Maelstrom captures the full drama of the watershed election, establishing 1968 as the hinge between the decline of political liberalism, the ascendancy of conservative populism, and the rise of anti-government attitudes that continue to dominate the nation’s political discourse.

An Actor’s Business

This audiobook covers everything you need to know to market yourself as an actor, with information about the movie-making process, drama school, community theatre, acting on television and in commercials, unions, and agents.

An Extraordinary Absence

Jeff Foster invites you to forget everything you know, everything you’ve been taught, and everything you’ve ever read about spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and to consider a new possibility.

An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life

An Intelligent Career is everyone’s resource for pursuing a career in the 21st century that is personally and socially meaningful. It calls on you to take ownership of your career right now, and to pursue your future professional life on your own terms.