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The Risk of Creativity: Dialogs in Amsterdam with Steven Harrison

Steven Harrison presents a clear choice:  We can live in our ideas about life, or we can live in the powerful flow of life itself.

Harrison challenges us to cut through all the ideas and descriptions we have about our lives, including our ideas about spirituality, and to directly experience that which is alive and real.  He encourages us to take the risk of creativity by paying attention to the arising energy of life and boldly giving it full expression.

With penetrating clarity and humor Harrison reveals our subtle strategies for avoiding contact with the immense force of life. He shares fresh views on spirituality, enlightenment, and the current fascination with “the present moment.”

Harrison and the dialog participants investigate how creativity emerges, and how we can expand our capacity to live in the creative, dynamic energy of life, where we have the possibility to create anything.

Harrison raises and explores surprising questions, such as: Is spirituality alive and relevant? Is there any power in “now”? Is it possible to find a place of no resistance within ourselves? Are we in contact with life, or only with the myths we construct about life?  What is the meaning of the dark night of the soul?

Steven Harrison’s perspective is unlike any you have heard. The Risk of Creativity is a radical invitation to claim the true vitality in your life, found in the bold expression of your own deepest feelings.

A note about sound quality: Please note that this was recorded live, not in a studio. There are fluctuations in the sound quality and the volume will need to be adjusted by the listener. While the content is clear, the recording does contain some unavoidable background noises.

Steven Harrison is an international speaker on the topics of consciousness, human development, relationship and alternative education. He is the author of Doing NothingThe Happy Child and What’s Next After Now? Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life among other books.


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