Why? What Your Life Is Telling You About Who You Are and Why You’re Here

Written by psychologist and bestselling author Matthew McKay, charismatic Silicon Valley spiritual leader Seán ÓLaoire, and bestselling author Ralph Metzner, Why? will help you see what your past and present experiences are telling you about the spiritual theme in your life; one that is visible when you know how to read the signs. Your experiences may be that of a Healer/Peacemaker, an Explorer/Scientist, a Warrior/Guardian, an Artist/Designer, a Teacher/Communicator, or a Builder/Organizer. By showing you how to uncover your unique path, this book will help you discover your life’s true meaning.

Dimensions Within: Physics and the Structure of Consciousness

This multimedia eBook presents the startling idea that thinking there is a world “out there” may be the wrong way around. Instead, all things are within consciousness.

Let There Be Light

Consciousness is dimensionally structured. Nobody “has” consciousness. Instead, everybody is “in” consciousness. The book presents a new myth and paradigm for understanding consciousness, exploring the connections between consciousness, physics, quantum mechanics, myth, and meditation.

The Risk of Creativity: Dialogs in Amsterdam with Steven Harrison

In The Risk of Creativity, Steven Harrison presents a clear choice: We can live in our ideas about life, or we can live in the powerful flow of life itself.

A Conversation with Steven Harrison

Steven Harrison and Martin Frischknecht engage in a lively conversation exploring a variety of subjects, including: The chaos of the unknown; The paradox of the actual and conceptual; The movement of creative energy and much more.

Nicht Ausreichend Erleuchtet: Dialoge mit Steven Harrison

Sind wir mit unserer Spriitualität an einen Punkt gekommen, wo uns eine innere Stimme fortwährend belehrt, wie es richtig sei? Sind wir ohne Unterbruch danach bestrebt, uns selber zu verbessern und eine Freiheit zu erlangen, von der wir uns vorstellen, sie warte dort auf uns, wo wir den verbesserten Zustand erreicht haben werden.

Beyond Consciousness

Those who are familiar with Steven Harrison’s books, as well as anyone open to the spirit of inquiry, will appreciate these explorations of living without reliance on beliefs.

The Moment of Discovery

This audio consists of three live recordings of fascinating discussions about many topics, including relationships, spirituality, vocation, and social change.

Not Enlightened Enough: Dialogs in Germany with Steven Harrison

We’re not spiritual enough. We’re not enlightened enough. Has our spirituality left us with an inner voice of constant correction? Are we striving relentlessly for self-improvement and the freedom we imagine awaits us in that improved state?