The Genius of Being

This audiobook is not for the faint of heart or the casual seeker, but contemplating the assertions here empowers you to personally and experientially grasp what is rarely even glimpsed: a profound consciousness of the genesis of human experience.

The Buddha’s Way of Happiness

The excitement you feel after hearing good news or achieving a goal is fleeting, but true happiness-that is, the warm feeling of deep contentment and joy-is lasting, and it can be yours in every moment. The Buddha’s Way of Happiness is a guide to putting aside your anxieties about the future, regrets about the past, and constant longing to change your life for the better, and awakening to the joy of living.

The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation

The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation offers a practical guide to building a strong meditation practice by unifying mindfulness, concentration, and insight into a single, integrated approach.

Sound Bites from Silence

Sound Bites from Silence is the profound expression of Robert’s personal experiences and insights on the nature of inner Silence, in the form of 67 “sound bites,” short compositions of 200 words or less.

Seeds for the Soul

Combining eastern philosophy and western psychology, Chuck Hillig points the way to true happiness for those who have struggled to find peace of mind. Whether his profound words act as a gentle reminder or loud alarm clock, they will lovingly direct you to the only person who holds your truth: YOU!

Reflections of Being

Many of the questions we might struggle with in life—identity, authenticity, the pursuit of ineffective self-serving urges, and our tendency to conceptualize rather than experience things—are described here in simple, conversational language. Ralston’s queries become a quest for how we can develop a deeper sense of ourselves as participants in the world.

Radical Wisdom

Where is our authentic self and life? What is it? How do we become fully awake and alive in our own life, feeling the passion, pull, and power of our own extraordinary existence?

Not Enlightened Enough: Dialogs in Germany with Steven Harrison

We’re not spiritual enough. We’re not enlightened enough. Has our spirituality left us with an inner voice of constant correction? Are we striving relentlessly for self-improvement and the freedom we imagine awaits us in that improved state?

Nicht Ausreichend Erleuchtet: Dialoge mit Steven Harrison

Sind wir mit unserer Spriitualität an einen Punkt gekommen, wo uns eine innere Stimme fortwährend belehrt, wie es richtig sei? Sind wir ohne Unterbruch danach bestrebt, uns selber zu verbessern und eine Freiheit zu erlangen, von der wir uns vorstellen, sie warte dort auf uns, wo wir den verbesserten Zustand erreicht haben werden.