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3 hours 10 minutes

Guided Meditations for Letting Go

This series is perfect for anyone who wants to release, let go, and experience deep inner peace and stillness. These meditations utilize relaxation, mindfulness, and visualization to help you:

• Experience deep relaxation
• Release any heaviness and experience soothing energy
• Cultivate equanimity and tranquility

Contains 8 guided meditations, 20 – 25 minutes each.

• Releasing Meditation
• Let Go: A Tranquil Inner Retreat
• Peace in the Heart of Being
• A Soothing Wave of Energy
• Surrender to Stillness
• Inner Sanctuary
• Floating on the Stream
• A Healing Inner Sanctuary

We hope you enjoy these guided meditations. Please look for the companion meditation collection, Guided Meditations for a Quiet Mind.