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Breathe & Be: Five Guided Meditations to De-Stress, Calm Your Nerves, and Find Inner Strength and Resilience (Vol. 1)

The guided meditations utilize relaxation, mindfulness, and visualization to help you:

• Relax the Body and Calm the Mind
• Return to Center – the true source of inner strength and resilience
• Cultivate Self-Kindness and Compassion
• Stop Overthinking

Breathe & Be, Volume 1 includes five guided meditations, approximately 20 minutes each:

1. Breathing Space – use the breath to create a space to rest the body and soothe the mind.

2. Calm the Overthinking Mind – the mind can easily create scenarios that may generate anxiety. This meditation can help to soothe an overthinking mind.

3. Calm Breath, Calm Mind: A Mindful Breathing Technique – mindful breathing is a simple and natural way to gain relief from stress and anxiety, release intense or uncomfortable feelings, and improve your mood.

4. Surrender to This Deeply Restorative Moment – release stress and tension and return to the center of stillness.

5. Breathing the Mind to Stillness – use the breath to access the natural state of inner stillness to soothe the mind and rest the body.

These stress-releasing meditations are not hypnosis or a step-by-step meditation guide. They offer gentle guidance but still allow space for your own experience and natural process. They are a light touch of guided support to bring your attention back to your natural state of stillness – the true source of inner strength and resilience.

We hope you enjoy these guided meditations. Please look for Volume 2 of the Breathe & Be collection.