Available April 2024

4 Hours

What’s Next After Now:
Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life


If our lives lack the intensity of full engagement, then our contemplation of life’s possibilities becomes nothing more than an entertaining fiction. Yet, if we dare to embrace the surging tide of possibility, relinquishing our resistance, we open the floodgates to the manifestation of what lies beyond the present moment.

Spiritual seekers by the thousands have come to the end of the masters and gurus, the religions and philosophies, and the process of getting better. They have discovered the timeless present and the power of marketing the “now.” But what’s next after now? When you give up spirituality—not out of a reaction or because you’ve completed some mythic journey—and you drop into the present, what is the post-spiritual reality, and how do you live it creatively?

What’s Next After Now? is Steven Harrison’s bold response to this profound question.


Steven Harrison, whose seminal work Doing Nothing: Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search helped guide spiritual seekers to the experience of the present without practices, now takes them one step further into the transforming expression of a post-spiritual life. Steven Harrison is an international speaker on human consciousness. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and is the author of twelve books. Visit website is here.

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