Samuel Avery

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The Pipeline and the Paradigm: Keystone XL, Tar Sands, and the Battle to Defuse the Carbon Bomb

This thoroughly researched and wholly engaging book investigates the economic, ecological, political, and psychological issues behind the Keystone XL pipeline—a project so controversial it has inspired the largest expression of civil disobedience since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

With enough carbon trapped in the Canadian tar sands to plunge the Earth into irreversible climate change, it is the Keystone XL pipeline that will set that carbon free. The debate rages on over whether this 2,100-mile long steel pipeline is a vital piece America’s energy future or the conduit for global climate disaster. From the enormous tar sands mines in Alberta to a tree-top blockade in Texas, this book introduces the people and explores the competing interests that power the environmental issue of the current generation.

 Foreword by Bill McKibben.

The Pipeline and the Paradigm
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Samuel AverySamuel Avery (AUTHOR) is a certified solar installer, longtime social activist, trainer in nonviolent resistance techniques, and author. He has written four other books, including The Globalist Papers and Buddha and the Quantum. He lives on a small homestead outside Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Bonnie.



Andrew MulcareAndrew Mulcare
 (NARRATOR) is a professional actor, director, writer, and teacher of acting. He has worked extensively in theatre, film, and television. Andrew holds an MFA from  University of South Carolina. In 2001 he was awarded a Fulbright grant to lecture in Russia on American theatre and film, and became the founding artistic director of the English Language Theatre of Orenburg.