Gary Crowley

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Pass the Jelly: Tales of Ordinary Enlightenment

Pass the Jelly is hilarious and profound. It’s full of mind-opening insights on living and rules-to-live-by wisdom that will stick with you long after you finish listening.

Gary Crowley has seen through many of the false ideas and assumptions we have about life, and he presents a simple, down-to-earth, yet seldom-considered wisdom on improving our human condition.

As Gary takes us through one unusual day in his life, he shares insights on living along with comical, tender memories of his childhood. He shares the “Pass the Jelly Principle” (People do what they do. That’s what they do. And that’s it), helping us to see that we’re all bound by the intricate chain of cause and effect. Gary brings a fresh and distinctive voice to his narrative.

Simplicity combined with depth, laughter, with wisdom. Pass the Jelly is among those rare, deeply absorbing books that are able to successfully entertain and inspire. Engaging and fast-moving, this audiobook will make you laugh out loud and nod in agreement — and surprise you with its unexpected twists and turns!


Gary_CrowleyGary Crowley was raised in Seekonk, Massachusetts, and lived in the same blue-collar Irish Catholic home in the same child-packed neighborhood for the next eighteen years. Then he moved to California to attend Stanford, graduating with a B.A.in Economics and another in Political Science. He now lives in Encinitas, California, which is near San Diego.

Gary is a bodyworker whose practice focuses on people with chronic structural pain. He was trained in Rolfing (also known as Structural Integration) eighteen years ago. He calls his work Functional Bodywork.

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