Available April 2024

5 hours

Getting to Where You Are: The Life of Meditation


Getting to Where You Are is a penetrating and wide-ranging journey through contemporary spirituality, meditation technology, and post-modern culture, this book challenges the very basis of modern spirituality and the consumer society that created it. Getting to Where You Are is a far-reaching investigation of our ideas about life and our spiritual ideas, in which Harrison explores the notions of enlightenment as a way to happiness, zero-coupon bonds as the way to security, and Stephen Hawking as the final arbiter of scientific reality.



Steven Harrison, whose seminal work Doing Nothing: Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search helped guide spiritual seekers to the experience of the present without practices, now takes them one step further into the transforming expression of a post-spiritual life. Steven Harrison is an international speaker on human consciousness. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and is the author of twelve books. Visit website is here.

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