Samuel Avery

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Dimension Six is about physics, but it’s about more than physics. It is a captivating exploration that transcends the boundaries of traditional physics and offers a fresh perspective on the enigmatic relationship between the physical world and consciousness.

Modern physics, with its awe-inspiring revelations, beckons us to question the very fabric of reality. Why does space impose a cosmic speed limit, confining objects to move slower than light? How does mass transform and time warp under extreme velocities? The elusive nature of particles and the peculiarities of acceleration versus velocity in our daily experiences only deepen the intrigue. These phenomena, well-charted yet perpetually dazzling, happen at extreme dimensions – the very fast, the very small, the very massive, and the very distant. But the crux of these mysteries lies in the connection to the observer, to consciousness itself. In the absence of an observer, the existence of a material object becomes a perplexing quandary.

Dimension Six beckons us to revisit our understanding of dimensions and their relationship with consciousness. Once perceived as fixed structures of an external world, dimensions are now revealed as fluid, bending, and merging realms at their extremes, courtesy of relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Is a dimension an intrinsic element of the material universe, or is it a cornerstone of consciousness itself?

This book is written for those with some exposure to physical science – from basic physics courses to advanced Ph.D. studies. But most importantly, it is an invitation to those willing to venture beyond conventional thinking. Dimension Six sparks a paradigm shift by challenging the fundamental assumptions underpinning our comprehension of consciousness and physical reality.

If you seek an insightful exploration of the perplexities in modern physics and a revelation of why we perceive the world as external and material, then this book promises not only intrigue but also enlightenment.

Samuel Avery

Samuel Avery holds a BA in Religion from Oberlin College and an MA from University of Kentucky. He has taught university courses in American History, European History, and American Government. Avery has practiced meditation daily for more than forty-five years. He has written a series of articles and books on the relationship of physics and consciousness to each other, including the books Buddha and the Quantum and The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness.

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