This guided meditation accompanies Samuel Avery’s book The Quantum Screen: The Enigmas of Modern Physics and a New Model of Perceptual Consciousness.

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Audiobooks by Samuel Avery

Buddha and the Quantum: Hearing the Voice of Every CellBuddha and the Quantum: Hearing the Voice of Every Cell

Buddha and the Quantum is about the connection between meditation and physics. It explains physics and the everyday world in terms of consciousness alone. We can only understand the motion of the planets by putting the sun at their center; similarly, we can only understand modern physics if we put space and time within consciousness.

Transcendence of the Western Mind: Physics, Metaphysics and Life on EarthTranscendence of the Western Mind: 
Physics, Metaphysics & Life on Earth

What is consciousness? This audiobook presents an understanding of life that transcends matter. Despite its reliance on what is known through Western Science, it is a transcendence of the Western understanding of reality. It does not begin with a world and then try to figure out how life evolved within it; it begins with life and extrapolates where the world came from.

The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness: A Physical Basis for ImmaterialismThe Dimensional Structure of Consciousness 
A Physical Basis for Immaterialism

Written for both the layman and the professional scientist, this audiobook opens an astounding world and points out that further progress of science depends upon a transcendence of the material world. Samuel Avery opens a ‘Pandora’s box’ and presents a ‘through the looking glass’ glimpse of the structure of consciousness.

Paradigm Shift: Consciousness, Meditation & Quantum PhysicsParadigm Shift: Consciousness, Meditation and Quantum Physics

In this engaging conversation, Samuel Avery takes us on a brief journey through the 100 year history of quantum physics and the 3,000 year history of Buddhist meditation to show us that the discoveries of the Buddha and physicist Max Planck were one and the same. His enlightening perspective brings listeners to a new vista from which to consider reality. Includes a guided meditation for a first-hand experience of this paradigm-shifting perspective.

The Carbon Boycott: A Path to Freedom from Fossil Fuels

Samuel Avery’s latest book proposes carbon boycotts as collective action, with groups and communities changing what products they consume and seeking new ways to work, live, and play to steer demand towards solar, wind, geothermal, and renewable energy alternatives.

Samuel Avery holds degrees from Oberlin College and an MA from University of Kentucky. He has taught university courses in American History, European History, and American Government. Avery has practiced meditation daily for over forty-five years. He also has written a series of articles and books on the relationship of physics and consciousness to each other, including the books Buddha and the Quantum, Transcendence of the Western Mind and The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness.

Watch Samuel Avery’s presentation to the Science and Non-Duality Conference: Mass the Second Time Dimension: Physics Without Matter.