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The Big Bang, the Buddha, and the Baby Boom

The Spiritual Experiments of My Generation

Written by Wes “Scoop” Nisker
Foreword by Anne Lamott
Narrated by Peter Coyote

6 hours 30 minutes

Iconic newscaster and Buddhist teacher chronicles
the 1960s and ‘70s in India, the Bay Area, and beyond

I have loved [Wes “Scoop” Nisker]  for fifty years now, loved the hope, the dharma teachings, the rock and roll, the agitation and comfort, and the great wit. I have often said that laughter is carbonated holiness, and the effervescent Wes Nisker is one of my favorite Holy men ever.

—from the Foreword by Anne Lamott

Join Wes “Scoop” Nisker, a renowned Buddhist meditation teacher, performer, and newscaster, on a wild ride from West to East and back in his quest for true self and enlightenment. Narrated by the legendary Peter Coyote, this audiobook combines the best elements of memoir and social commentary to illuminate the spiritual hunger of modern America.

Nisker’s journey begins in Nebraska as the only young man in his small town to be Bar Mitzvah’ed, through the heyday of the Beats and hippies in the Bay Area from his vantage point as a high-profile newscaster, the birth of the environmental movement, and the social and spiritual blossoming of the West.

This is a personal, guided tour of the outer and inner movements that joined together into today’s mindfulness movement, written by one of the leaders of both.

Stay tuned at the end of the audiobook for special bonus material — a collection of engaging and entertaining clips from Nisker’s unforgettable radio show on KSAN.

Grab your headphones and join “Scoop” Nisker and Peter Coyote on a cosmic adventure unraveling the connections between the birth of the universe, the enlightened path of the Buddha, and the awakening of a generation.



Wes (“Scoop”) Nisker is an author, award-winning broadcast journalist, renowned Buddhist meditation teacher, and performer.

His 40-year broadcasting career began in the late 1960s at San Francisco’s original free-form radio station KSAN, where his popular, unconventional radio features included this traffic report: “People are driving to work to earn the money to pay for the cars they’re driving to work in.” In the 1970s he worked at KFOG, where he coined the catchphrase, “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own,” and was nicknamed “Scoop” by Abbie Hoffman while covering the Chicago Seven Trial.

Nisker has published five highly acclaimed books, including the enduring classic The Essential Crazy Wisdom. He is the founding co-editor of the international Theravada Buddhist journal Inquiring Mind. A resident of Oakland, California, he teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County.


Peter Coyote is an American actor, director, screenwriter, author and narrator of films, theatre, television, and audiobooks. He worked on films such as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Cross Creek, Jagged Edge, Bitter Moon, Kika, Patch Adams, Erin Brockovich, A Walk to Remember, and Femme Fatale.

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