If a breakup or divorce has drained your confidence and shattered your self-esteem, this audiobook is for you. Written by a clinical psychologist and expert in women's health, Who Am…

This audio book offers a practical, humorous, yet compassionate guide for women who want to learn the secrets of the elusive male mind. You’ll come to understand why men think…

This audiobook will dramatically change the way you approach dating to ensure your efforts are effective. Learn simple strategies to renew your hope, turn on your feminine charm, and find…

This audiobook shows you how to care for yourself through the crisis stage of divorce, welcome new feelings and turn an angry ex into a future friend.

With great humor, Chuck speaks about a variety of subjects, including common myths that people hold to be true. He also discusses how to meet challenges in relationships.

Provides wisdom about friendship, commitment, honesty, greed, jealousy, loyalty, competition, imitation, abandonment, and reconciliation.